About us

About MD Plant

MD Plant was started initially in 2001 as a supplier of the Multidrive off-road equipment and drive-line technology. When Multidrive Ltd UK was forced into administration in 2006 we were forced to change our business model to incorporate earthmoving contracting and Equipment hire. Due to the extensive knowledge and experience within our team we were able to provide an economic solution to most materials handling operations across a broad spectrum and scope of works.

We have always believed that it is better to do maintenance and repairs to our own equipment in doing  so we have a workshop facility and personnel that can cater for a wide variety of repairs, rebuilds and full refurbishments to virtually every make and model of plant. We repair, rebuild, and maintain all the various components from engines, transmissions, drop boxes, diffs, Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders / hydraulic Valve banks, Pumps and systems  and the ever present electrical and diagnosis quandaries that can and do occur. We also can provide Mechanical field service support (field service mechanical) to our clients when required.

We provide for sandblasting and spray-painting of equipment as well as minor panel beating at our workshop facility. With our involvement in the repairs and rebuilding of components we have found that sourcing of components for our clients has also grown, we can source, inspect, and sell on virtually any type and kind of component.

With our contracting experience we can drone map the areas we work in to provide accurate materials movement and or growth of long-term stockpiles. Aerial video and/or photos of hard to reach areas provides an invaluable perspective on what is happening on the ground for either tracking purposes or future projects. We can also provide hot spot photos/video of stockpiles or dump facilities, showing thermal hotspots with temperatures to assist in being safe and having a forewarning against possible self-combustion of potentially valuable resources.