Materials Handling - Contracting

Materials handling

This service is as the name implies; materials handling contracting is when we provide a holistic solution to our client generally based on a rate per ton as oppose to a plant hire rate. We then must find the efficiencies and savings to provide for better returns. It requires our input on a constant basis to ensure the various levels of production can be met and maintained, generally on a 24/7 basis. We have worked in numerous fields from mechanically mining tailings, coal discard dump construction & maintenance, rehabilitation, train Loading etc.

We have our own drone for mapping purposes which aids in correctly measuring and surveying areas of work or providing aerial video and photos of existing work area and/or new project areas. This is an especially useful tool to have at our disposal as it can provide a unique overview of the working areas or the next phase.

We are also able to check hot spots in coal or discard stockpiles/dumps via our mini infrared thermal camera. It provides a forewarning of areas that need attention or that can become safety hazards or self-combust and burning away valuable resources.

Our most recent contracts have been Elandspruit (Nasonti Resources/Mindset Mining Consultants) This involved all the materials handling from the ROM loading and stockpiling down to the product loading and stockpiling. We also handled all the discard and filter press waste and built a discard dump facility with soil capping. We provided for the cleaning of the plant daily to ensure safety and availability while ensuring productivity and effective inspections from the plant maintenance personnel.

Prior to this we were at Hawerklip Rail Siding loading Eskom coal onto trains 24/7 for our client Brazen Alger.